• U16 national team to play against Spain

    The lebanese U16 national team will participate in an international friendly tournament in the UAE. The friendly tournament will be as preparation for teams participating in the U17 World Cup.

    6 teams will participate in the friendly tournament: European champions Spain, Greece, African champions Egypt, UAE,Bahrain and Lebanon.

    Lebanon was drawn in the same group with Spain and Egypt.

    FLB cancels participation in Jones Cup

    The FLB decided to cancel the national participation in the 2014 William Jones Cup due to lack of funds and the absence of experienced players.
    The FLB decision was widely criticized by the fans and experts on the social media.
    Note that the last participation for a lebanese team internationally (club or national team) was last summer in the 2013 Jones Cup edition.

  • Hoops stays in Top Flight

    Hoops club will remain in Divison One after ending the series against Antonine Baabda in their favour 2-1.

    Antonine missed two consecutive chances to return the top flight after their loss in the Divison two final against Central who automatically qualified to division one. Note that Antonine was leading both series against Central and Hoops 1-0.


    StepAhead Summer League

    StepAhead fitness centre will organise this summer the first summer league in the history of lebanese basketball. The summer league is expected to start on the 22nd of August.

    The league will consist of six division one teams and the league system will be as follows:

    1st round : Round-Robin League

    Semi Final and Final



  • 20140704-122823-44903529.jpg

    Khatib from Amchit to Beirut?

    Lebanese “Tiger” Fadi El Khatib got officially his release from Amchit Club.

    Khatib is currently in negotiations with Sagesse and Riyadi Beirut. Khatib also received international offers. The upcoming days will reveal the identity of Khatib’s new destination

    Lebanon in Jones Cup 2014

    Due to ban imposed by FIBA and after a year without national participations , the Lebanese Basketball National team is getting back in action after the lift of the ban. It was confirmed officially that the lebanese national team will participate in the upcoming William Jones Cup, that is going to be held in Taiwan between the 8th and 18th of August.

    The FLB will meet soon with coach Ghassan Sarkis to select the preliminary list of players that will be called for the national trainings.

  • centralteam

    Central to division 2 finals

    Central Jounye Basketball team made it to the second division finals after finishing the series 2-1 against Feytroun.

    The team spirit is the key in Central, almost all the players used to play together and are currently friends since 2009! They also won the Under 18 Lebanese basketball championship back in the time.

    Central’s basket was very well defended all season long with almost only 3 games with more than 65 points.  It’s also very important to note that Central’s average age is the lowest in the second division, with also one of  the smallest budgets.

    Johnny Nemer, central’s captain, mentioned to our site that this season is special because the team feels like family, everyone is friends together and almost the same age and this can be remarked by the plays on the court. Nemer clearly states “We’re playing for each other. No one is playing for himself.” Johnny adds “Defense and fighting spirit are the key! We are going to win the finals.”

    Karim Daher one of Central’s player states that they started the season very well with 6 wins, then they had hard times and lost some games to finish 4th in their group. Daher adds that in the playoffs the player and the coach had one vision and they were all focused specially on the defense and they were taking each game by itself. Karim also mentioned that their expectation when the season started and initial target was to reach the final 8, but things turned out to be better and they reached the final 4 and then the finals!

    One can only say that we are going to enjoy a very interesting final.


    Lebanon to participate in the 5th FIBA Asia Cup ?

    2014 FIBA Asia Cup will be the 5th FIBA Asia Cup, it will be held in Hubei, China from July 11 till July 19. According to FIBA rules, the participants are to be taken from each zone, and the hosts China. Iran being the titleholder of the FIBA Asia Championship were automatically qualified. The teams participating are Uzbekistan from Central Asia, China, Chinese Taipei and Japan from East Asia, India from South Asia, Singapore and Indonesia from Southeast Asia, Iran and Jordan from West Asia and finally Philippines being invited with a Wildcard.

    The draw already took place on the 8th of June 2014, Lebanon name is missing. Sources say that since no teams are to be picked from the Gulf zone, and Central Asia as in Uzbekistan may forfeit. There may be a good chance that Lebanon, being in the West Asia Zone, may be invited to play.

    This will be a really important move for Lebanon’s national team, after all the mess we passed through, to get back on the international map in action. Things are somehow impossible since the league only ended days ago and players may need to rest, and an early invitation may cause management problems. But why not sending the U18 national team then? That’s what Iran did in WABA and succeeded by getting the 2nd place, giving its young players an opportunity to earn real experience.

    It’s important to note that the winner of this tournament automatically qualifies for the FIBA Asia Championship in 2015. Lebanon already won the FIBA Asia Cup in its 3rd edition in 2010.


    Riyadi 24th Lebanese Basketball Championship title!

    Riyadi battled to a 57-50 win over Sagesse to secure their 24th Lebanese Basketball League title in Game 6 of the 2014 finals Tuesday.

    The yellow side were down by 11 at halftime, but a sensational comeback led by 22-year-old shooting guard Amir Saoud, who scored two vital triples in the last quarter, gave Slobodan Subotic’s men a historic win that crowned them champions.

    Egyptian star Ismael Ahmad led the scoring for Riyadi with 15 points and 13 rebounds, while Jean Abdelnour added 12 points and six rebounds. Saoud also had 10 points and Loren Woods nine points and 10 rebounds.

    For Sagesse, Rodrigue Akl top scored with 13 points, while Julian Khazzouh added 11 points and 14 rebounds and American Dewarick Spencer added 11 points.

    With their backs to the wall, Sagesse were determined from the outset to make up for their dispirited performance in Game 5, which ended 88-82 for Riyadi at Manara.

    Julian Khazzouh played a successful high-low post game with Chris Daniels to give Sagesse a 6-0 lead, before Rodrigue Akl banked a three-pointer as the hosts led 9-0 after four minutes.

    Riyadi’s Slovenian head coach Slobodan Subotic started with Ali Haidar as a reward for his spirited performance in Game 5, in which he netted 19 points with nine rebounds. But Ahmad was introduced to the court midway through first after being suspended in the previous game. He couldn’t change much as Sagesse showed high intensity on both ends, with Riyadi running out of solutions on offense, while Fouad Abou Chakra’ side were more flexible, rallying to lead 19-7 at the end of the first.

    Riyadi switched to zone defense in the second, and were able to cut into the lead thanks to their Egyptian veteran, who demonstrated his one-on-one skills with a neat drive against Khazzouh.

    The match continued to be a low-scoring affair, but Akl made his second triple to keep his side ahead.

    Sagesse remained ahead 29-18 at halftime. It was clear that Riyadi were suffering offensively, with their players clearly exhausted on the back of Game 5 the previous night. They shot 3-of-10 from the free throw line in the first half.

    Ali Mahmoud nailed a half-court shot to win around $3,500 presented by XXL drink, which Riyadi hoped would boost their confidence in the second half.

    It clearly worked, as Riyadi clawed back the deficit to only four points with some fine work from Ahmad and Abdelnour. Abou Chakra was forced to ask for a timeout after their lead was cut to 33-29 with six minutes left in the third.

    Ahmad made it a two-point game with an easy layup, but Julian Khazzouh gave Sagesse some breathing space with a three-pointer followed by a two-pointer by Spencer. However, Riyadi reduced the deficit to only three at the end of the third – 37-40.

    Amir Saoud scored a three-point bomb to tie the score at 40 early in the fourth, and things started to turn around when Ahmad scored from a fast break to give Riyadi their first lead 42-40.

    Saoud continued his impressive form in the few minutes that he played, netting another triple as Riyadi led 45-40.

    They continued to control the rhythm with Sagesse failing to reply, as they eventually ran out victors 57-50 to clinch the title of the strongest and most controversial league in the history of the Lebanese basketball.

    This is their eighth title in 10 years, and 24th in their history.

    Meanwhile, Sagesse failed to put an end to the 10-year wait since their last crown in 2004, but this remained their best finish since 2006.

    Dany Abboud


    The Final Dilemma

    After the big brawl of game 4 , FLB president Walid Nassar was heard in the court saying that he will suspend Lorren Woods and Ismael Ahmad.

    All basketball fans were waiting for big sanctions on players involved in the fight and for fans that entered the court and participated in the fight.

    After a long meeting that lasted for hours the FLB postponed game 5 and then in another meeting the FLB banned 7 players, Ismael Ahmad, Wael Arakji , Jean AbdelNour , Ali Haidar and Roy Samaha  from Riyadi for 3 games and Dewarick Spencer and Chris Daniels from Sagesse for 2 games due to their role in the brawl and also took a decision of banning Sagesse fans in Game 6.

    Following rejections from both clubs and threats of withdrawals and most importantly to change the bad image of last season’s events where the league did not have a champion , The FLB reduced Riyadi’s Ismael Ahmad’s ban to one game , replaced the ban for the other 6 players by fining them , kept the ban on Sagesse fans and scheduled game 5 on Sunday the 15th.

    After the FLB new decisions both clubs filled a complaint to the appeal committee of the FLB. The appeal committee took its decision on Friday the 13th by lifting the ban on Ismael Ahmad and replaced it with a financial penalty moreover the committee  lifted the ban on Sagesse fans in game 6. Following the appeal committee decisions Sagesse refused the decisions and some members of the board called for lifting the case to the international sports arbitration court and withdrawing from next game

    In the next day, The FLB board cancelled the appeal committee decisions thus both teams will play finally Game 5 today at 9:30 P.M. (Beirut time).