Zidane goes with Cristiano and 10 more against Juventus

Real Madrid faces the return of the Champions League quarterfinals against Juventus without thinking about the comfortable 0-3 advantage harvested in the first leg. Or his status as a "favorite" to win the tournament. For the second time in less than a week, Zidane showed his discomfort with the poster that has begun to hang up to his team since he turned PSG off the road, something that has gained more strength after his team gave one of the best performances of the campaign in Turin. Far from considering that it is an almost sentenced eliminator, technician asked "respect" to the rival and recalled that not even four days ago that Real Madrid was lucky to keep a point in the derby against Atletico Madrid.

"For us it is better not to talk about this (the condition of favorite). What I'm interested in is showing in the field, not talking. We have to respect football and all teams. The other we played a game that could be lost and how do you explain it? I have no explanation. In a play you are bundled. You have to respect the rival because they never give up. We have to be focused to have chances to pass, "said Zinedine Zidane at a press conference on Tuesday after the last training of his team before the game to be played at the Santiago BernabÈu on Wednesday. A match that the French prepares with utmost caution and has qualified as a "final", because he does not forget that if there is a team that "has messed up" several times at Real Madrid is Juventus. The merengue team has never managed to eliminate the Vecchia Signora in a double match, and not only that. In three of four previous matches in the knockout stages, the Italian team has starred in mythical comebacks (1996, 2003 and 2005) to advance to the next round.Get the best odds for bettings soccer tips.

"We have (for now) a final. Tomorrow, to pass. Later we will see. We have to finish the League well. The other day (against AtlÈtico) I said that I had to fight for second place and we are fourth huh? "Recalled the Real Madrid coach. And is that despite the great "improvement" shown by his team during the second half of the campaign, and its great passage through the European tournament, Real Madrid is far from reaching stability in the local tournament; he even runs the risk of having to play the Champions League preview in the eventual case of finishing in fourth place and not crowned European monarch for the third time.

Zidane says he has no further explanation for the contrast between and drought of Real Madrid titles in the league (two in ten years) and his long passage through Europe (three titles from 2014 to date), that the irregularity, particularly in this season in which The scoring drought has caused havoc. "The explanation I do not have; what we want is to win everything since we started the season. Sometimes, like this year, it has been our irregularity. It has not been very good. We have had moments of difficulties, especially in scoring, "said Zidane, who however, stressed that currently his team is" better in everything "since he returned to see the door, because he regained confidence. "I think when we have scored again. But mark well. With three or four goals, with important goals, important plays. With that you cheer up, you're better and you have confidence. When we have returned to see door. It was a month that we did not mark; Now we are fine, and we want to continue with this goal scoring. But not only the goal. We are fine, we are fitting less and it is a regularity that we have to maintain, "said Zidane.

We must take advantage of Cristiano In that improvement Cristiano Ronaldo has been key. He has scored 24 goals so far in 2018 and has set a record in the Champions League by scoring for the tenth consecutive match, the best streak in the history of the competition. After scoring the first Chilean goal of his career to reach 40 goals so far this year, the president of the institution Florentino PÈrez has compared - again - with the legendary Merengue striker Alfredo Di StÈfano. For Zidane, it is fortunate to be able to coincide in an era that will be marked by Portuguese. With whom of course counts to close the tie. "I do not think about playing without Cristiano. We have it, we are happy, and what he has done, of course, there are many people who remember Di StÈfano and it is normal, with good reason. I think a lot of people will remember Cristiano. We have it and we have to take advantage of it. Happy to be able to live with this player, "he said.