FLB Secretary General statement

Issued by the Secretariat of the Lebanese Basketball following statement:

After receiving a flood of communications and revisions of the concerned Lebanese basketball ask for Management Committee Championship first class and the nature of their work and composition. And its powers and functions, supply the following highlights of the about Committee to the Statute of the Lebanese Basketball , which was passed during the general assembly held on November 9 of the year 2013 in the Great Hall of the School of the Central (Jounieh). Came into the system, “The task of the Commission Administration Championship first-class supervision and regulation Championship Lebanon first class men define their powers and authored and mechanism of action where compose the Lebanese Basketball Championship Committee for the management of the first class in the following form:

A . Consists of the Management Committee Championship first division of 5 members :
– Secretary- General of the Federation (scheduled)
– Member appointed by the Administrative Committee of the Union is its members.
– Three members elected by the first division clubs for men at the beginning of each season at the headquarters of the Union at the invitation of the Secretary- General .
– Chairman of the Committee will be one of the elected representatives of the three clubs .
The members of this Committee staff , and identifies each member instead of monthly fees with the exception of the Secretary- General.
B . Terms of reference and powers of the Committee:
First, technically and administratively:
1 . Develop a program and periodic systems , and all the details of course: Dates / Fields / postponed games / announcement of the results
2 . The appointment of referees and monitor and supervise all aspects of their business .
3 . The nomination of judges to be rulers of international accreditation by the governing body of the Union.
4 . Organizing courses , lectures and lessons for the rulers .
5 . Impose penalties on players , referees and administrators and the public and submitted to the governing body of the union for approval or modification only in the event of violating regulations or tournament system Union Lebanese Basketball System or the International Federation of Basketball .
6 . The appointment of international and local observers and organize their work .
7 . Ensure the implementation of the laws and regulations of the tournament.
8 . Propose legislation relating to technical laws for the championship.
9 . Disclosure and approval of the stadiums and facilities and technical equipment .
10 . Coordinate directly with the Competitions Committee regarding fixtures postponed .
11 . Label for the elite players in coordination with the national teams committee
Second, financially :
• Before the start of the league, put the budget for the management of the league, and is committed to its content
• send the budget to the clubs, and is considered a window unless objected to the content of half of these clubs .
• Coordination between the Commission is represented by “president” and the treasurer of the Lebanese Association of Basketball which creates , private bank account of the Committee, within the expense of the Lebanese public so that they can move to this committee and to act this account coordination and agreement with the Treasurer of the Union.
• This account is moving the signing of head and Treasurer of the Union, that does not distract any amount without the approval of the exchange in writing , in the meetings of this committee .
• paid directly to the Commission but not limited to , allowances monthly fees for committee members and technicians who contracted fees and referees and observers all as determined by the Committee and it deems necessary to accomplish its tasks … According to the mechanism adopted in the Systems Union .
• to report their income and monthly Bmassarifaa to first division clubs and the Lebanese Association of Basketball .

Third: The mechanism of action of the Committee:
• Once written by the committee members meet and elect its chairman from among the representatives of the member clubs .
• presides over all meetings of this committee , and in his absence , presides over these meetings, the oldest member .
• Committee on the issuance of all decisions later than forty-eight hours.
• The Committee meetings are open throughout the sports season and calls for “scheduled” to the meeting when needed .
• take decisions of administrative , technical and financial exchange , including the imposition of sanctions or isolate them regular majority vote .
• Committee is entitled to the above contract with persons or companies , financial and administrative assistants and committees to help them in their work .
• The committee meets in the Union Building Lebanese Basketball , which allocates a separate room .

T.. Vacancy and the end of the Committee’s work :

1 . Vacancy :
In the event of a vacancy place of any member , for any reason , the Committee meets on an exceptional basis and learn the clubs should be naming a replacement member for withdrawing member , within a maximum period of one week from the date of the vacancy , and the remaining work of the Commission during this period constant unless there is a vacancy center three or more members in the Ann together .
2 . The end of the Committee’s work in one of the following cases:
– When they fall due at the end of any league in every year and that the accounts Skir
– If he decides to 80% of the total number of first division clubs conclude their work or the termination of one of its members .
– In case of vacant center three or more members at the same time.

Lawyer Ghassan Fares